How IT Outsourcing Can Reduce Cost


For any business to be successful, there are a lot of wheels you need to keep running. Your shoulders are not only responsible for the seamless functioning of your enterprise, but also to see that your customers are happy. No doubt Information Technology, or IT services, has become a significant part of the majority of the businesses today. Therefore, it becomes essential to consider and analyze how outsourcing can save your company from extra expenses. IT outsourcing in Thailand offers enticing solutions and services for small and big sized businesses at affordable costs.

If you are wondering to know how to carry out the IT operations of your company, it is necessary to understand the options available at hand. Straight away there are two options, either you hire in-house IT or outsource it. Both in-house IT and outsourcing have their pros and cons. But, if you compare them relatively, outsourcing IT will come up as a preferable option. If you find about IT outsourcing company Thailand, you will see that companies benefit in much more efficient ways than those having their own IT team.

IT outsourcing has a number of benefits. The IT core of every company needs updates and upgrades regularly. This requires your in-house IT team to be always updated with the latest technology versions and updates. Therefore, you will have to arrange and spend on their training purposes. But, if you outsource your IT operations to a tech support company, it is their headache to stay updated and serve in any situation. Also, IT outsourcing in Thailand and other similar countries is cheaper. This prompts businesses to explore IT outsourcing company Thailand.

Staying on the competitive edge in spite of all competitions is vital for the growth of a company. But, due to constant IT changes, the related costs are difficult to anticipate. It is important to understand your business needs and find out how adaptable solutions are available around you. IT outsourcing offer lucrative IT assistance to the clients and ensure smooth running of their business. For seamless business processes, you can look forIT consulting companies in Thailand.

Also, hiring a full time IT team can be more expensive on your company’s budget. Sometimes your business may have a lot of IT related work and sometimes the IT team might have to sit idle (especially in non-technology companies). But, if you have a full-time staff, you will have to pay them at the end of the month irrespective of what work they have done. Whereas, in the case of IT outsourcing, you pay only for what you get. This saves a lot of money.

The next most significant thing to consider is security. When your business is growing and scaling up, it will be more important for you to make your business data more secure. But, the Internet is flooded with cyber threats and related challenges. There are countless cyber attacks such as ransomware every day. In such instances, it is highly risky to stay unprotected. An outsourcing company can handle such risks for your company at much fewer expenses. This is because they are experts and are well acquainted with these cyber issues.

Experts say that IT outsourcing ensures less expenditure and provides for the stress-free conduct of your business. Several surveys and studies have confirmed that it gives better results than that of in-house IT. Though an outsourcing company may not be the right decision for every business, yet in most cases the advantages of outsourcing over an in-house team are remarkable. It promises notable savings to any business.

In-House IT costs

Now that you have understood the relative pros and cons, let’s find out the possible costs of having in-house IT staff. Before you get into the details of how an IT support consultancy can help you save money, you must look into the costs of hiring your own IT team. Employing an IT specialist team does cost a fortune. And, the maintenance and up gradation is another job you must take care of routinely.

The salary range in IT domain is usually high and it varies greatly depending on the geographic location of a company. However, the average salary of an employee also depends on factors such their education, years of experience, and technical expertise. So, you need to first sort out what skills and how many years of experienced staff you need. This is obviously a tough task. You can’t easily gauge which applicant will best suit your requirements and perform the work you need aptly.

If you consider an IT professional previous experience and good expertise, you may not be able to calculate it correctly as you don’t know if you will actually require so much experience in your business. Above that, if an employee feels his or her talent is not getting used, then there’s a possibility of lacking employee interest and finally losing the resource. And, if you hire a fresher, again he or she might not be up to your marks. This is quite complicated.

Moreover, when you hire a full-time staff, you are also likely to pay the additional benefits that your company typically offers to its other employees. These may include PF, yearly bonus, employee taxes, etc. A report by CNN states that you might have to pay 25% extra on an employee’s basic salary due to this additional stuff. Isn’t it huge? In the case of outsourcing, you are saved from these expenses.

The above information is in regards to hiring a just a single employee. But, within a company, it usually requires a team to handle all your IT work. Otherwise, imagine the situation when sole IT employee gets into an issue that he or she can’t solve alone? To be on the safer side, it is wise to have a small team at least. Depending on your company’s requirements, you might have to set up a small IT department to take care of your IT services. This will consequently increase the costs randomly.

How can an IT outsourcing company benefit your company?

If you outsource your IT works for an IT consulting company, you enjoy numerous benefits.

• You pay for what you get: Having full-time employees and paying them the salary on regular basis is not worth for all businesses. In this case, you have to pay them for even the holidays and leaves (as per norms). In contrast, if you outsource a task, you pay only for that outsourced project. They are available whenever you need them and charge for only the task done.

• More efficient handling of tasks: IT consulting companies have highly skilled professionals and they have handled diverse projects so their expertise will be better. Also, because you are paying only for your outsourced project, you are benefited of getting expert service at less cost. Otherwise, you can’t imagine to pay these expert professionals and bear to pay their salary.

• Results in less time: Technically skilled resources in IT outsourcing companies solve technical issues in less time. They are more efficient and save a lot of time in the work process. So, when your in-house staff may take days and weeks to solve an issue, a consultant may serve you within hours. This means you are again saving on your expenses.


When your enterprise is outsourcing its IT work to an external support company, you are actually investing in a team of technically expert professionals who have merged their work goals with yours. And, in doing so you are assured of a result-oriented work process. This in itself suffices the reason for hiring an IT outsourcing company.

The expert professionals strive their best to work effectively and efficiently to solve your company’s technical issues. They can also assist you in anticipating your company’s future needs. So, instead of spending money an in-house employee’s salary, you can utilize it to access a source of skilled and expert professionals who are experienced with diversified layers of IT. They better understand the evolving aspects of the IT industry.

IT outsourcing in Thailand is trending a lot these days. Thailand offers comparatively reasonably charging resources along with technical expertise. You can also benefit by taking the next leap towards your business evolution by hiring outsourcing consultancy in Thailand. It will project your company’s efficacy and enhance the growth. Improve the productivity of your company by enhancing its technical expertise. And, this can be achieved by absorbing the best expertise for your operations.