Banking and Finance

Using the latest technologies in areas such as Retail Banking, Host Banking, Payment Systems and Insurance, AZURE is geared up to deliver best-of-breed solutions in the Financial industry and has successfully developed industry specific products. We have specific products in this industry such as Customer Relationship Management, Automatic Signature Verification Systems, Treasury Management, Asset Management. We also have Bank in a Box solution using mobile technology.

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AZURE’s expertise in the commercial and manufacturing sector includes areas such as Retail systems. Store Management, Shipping and merchandising, warehousing, Process & Discrete Manufacturing as well as general business processing areas. We have our Web based, globally acclaimed, Enterprise Resource Planning Product. Additionally we also provide implementation and maintenance support for all leading ERP, CRM, SCM solutions. We are doing significant work with several Thai companies. We believe that our primary ERP product for SME gives us a competitive edge in providing cost-effective solutions to small and medium manufacturing enterprises.

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The notion of car culture has been spread globally in the last few decades. Like many other luxury goods as well as necessity items, cars have become a part of the same category contributing a lot to the global budget and also shaping the lives of billions of people. The automotive industry along with the related industries, on a global basis, gives employment to millions of people improving their standard of living. The automotive industry has been able to double its sales over the past decades with rapid acceleration. The future development of the industry is definite on a good road for achieving immense success. There have been significant changes in the recent years concerning the trend and the functionality of the cars.

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With the ever changing face of the market requirements and technology, AZURE has been continuously adding to its portfolio of solutions and services for the Telecommunications market place. AZURE also has the distinction of having provided solutions to Telecom Service Providers in Thailand and abroad through it’s business partners. AZURE is fully committed to introducing innovative and state-of-the-art products and solutions to the Telecommunication market. Our Business partners from USA and India supports us in all technological manner and have in-depth in-depth wireless domain expertise in GSM, GPRS, PHS, CDMA, 3G, WLAN, operated through business units focused on Advanced Technology Development – Platforms, Systems, Protocols, Applications and Network Services Development – Network Planning, Deployment and Optimization.

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